Three operation modes of winding machine

There are generally three winding methods of the winding machine, and customers can choose freely. If you want to use what kind of operation method, you can contact our technical staff to guide the operation. The following editor will briefly introduce you to the three operation modes.
  一  automatic winding process:
When the machine first runs, fix the stretch film on the turntable or cargo, press the automatic operation button, the turntable will start to accelerate to the highest speed, the film will automatically output with the turntable, and the turntable will count at the same time when it reaches the bottom set value When the film frame starts to rise. When the film frame rises to the time when the photoelectric switch cannot irradiate the goods, the film frame stops rising after the set time delay, the up and down times are counted once, the turntable continues to run, and the turntable counts. When it reaches the set number of top laps, the film frame falls , The film frame stops when it descends to the bottom, counts once again for the number of up and down, and starts to count the bottom circle. And so on until the up and down times reach the set value, the packaging process is completed. The turntable descends slowly and stops at the initial detection point.
  二  automatic operation:
   put the stretch film winding machine in the initial state, put the goods, put on the film, select the number of up and down laps, the number of up and down, and the top time, after pressing the automatic start button, the whole process is automatically completed.
  三 Manual operation:
Lower the film pull frame to the bottom, put the goods on the chassis, put the film roll on the reel base, wear the film according to the film threading method, and then start the turntable motor to rotate the turntable, and the film will be wound on the bottom of the goods When the number of winding turns reaches the level you need, press the film frame up button to raise the film frame to the required position (photoelectric height measurement is effective); press the film frame down button to make the film frame drop to the bottom. Repeat the above process to complete the packaging, and press Stop to end. Not only stretch film wrapping machines, other packaging equipment such as balers and shrink packaging machines also have this manual operation.

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