Unmanned packing machine

Excellent PLC system control makes the running time accurate to 1 millisecond!...

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Technical parameter

Current, power


Packing speed

≤3.0 seconds/channel, 20 channels per minute (10 boxes/minute)

Frame size

Width 850×Height 1000㎜

High work surface


Tightening force

0-70kg (adjustable)

Packing belt requirements

The width is 12.5 (±0.1) mm, the thickness is 0.65 (±0.1) mm

Reel adaptation

Width: 160mm; inner diameter: 250mm

Bundling type

Parallel 1-multi-channel, photoelectric control, manual, etc.

Hot sticking part



In the working environment, the noise is less than or equal to 60 decibels

Bottom bonding

Bonding surface ≥90%, bonding width ≥20mm, bonding position deviation ≤2mm

Adapt to various harsh environments

Temperature -15℃~45℃, humidity 10-90% and severe dust environment

Wide application range of strapping

The width is 6mm, the thickness is 0.55-1.2mm

Product overview

The inside of the bow frame is made of stainless steel movable cover, which has low resistance and wear resistance, smooth and low noise. There are brushes on both sides of the guide system, so that the straps are not easy to escape.
Automatic tape feeding positioning detection display, and then feeding function.
Excellent PLC system control makes the running time accurate to 1 millisecond! It can also be adjusted on site to ensure the packing speed of special assembly line operations.
Using Taiwan's latest mechanical structure, it is completely free of oil and easy to maintain.
There are auxiliary motors in the upper and lower corners of the baler to assist in feeding the belt.

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